Civil War Diary of Philip K. Roesch: Kept all during my service

August 6, 1862 to June 11, 1865 Company H 25th Regiment

of Wisconsin Volunteers

by Philip K. Roesch

edited by David J. Pascoe

I have published three book in 2018. All are available from

At least two separate versions of this diary can be found in libraries. Neither is fully complete and accurate. By comparing the two, I was able to create a version that represents all available text. Can be purchased from Amazon as either a paperback or ebook.

Green Turtle Soup:

and Other Favorite Recipes of a Great Cook

by Dorothy G. Thompson and her children

New edition edited by David J. Pascoe

Keep 'Em Laughing: A Story of the Operations of the 15th Special Service Company during World War II

by Maurice Pascoe

New edition edited by David J. Pascoe

My father wrote a book about his experiences in World War II. Privately printed in a mimeographed form, I have recreated it for easier access. Available from Amazon as a paperback or ebook.

Zenosox Books:

In celebration of my grandmother's birthday, her children compiled the "cookbook she should have written." It is now available from Amazon in paperback and ebook.

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